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January 21, 2012



Some Thoughts

  • All of our truths are socially constructed but not all of our social constructions are true.
  • "Presently True" and "Present Truth" Differ
  • The only way to stay together is to get together!
  • The easier something looks the harder someone worked.
  • Faith goes beyond the evidence but not against it.
  • Always think for yourself; never think by yourself.
  • Nothing is more practical than a good theory.
  • Doubt is the shadow of faith; they grow and shrink together.
  • Living without religion is like speaking without language.
  • Good religion is the only cure for bad religion.
  • Plan less on God intervening; plan more on God participating.
  • Minds matter and matter minds.
  • It is difficult to reduce ignorance without exposing it.
  • Religions are meaning maps and everybody has one.